The Adam Pottery

Andrea Scholes

My current work is inspired by the inherent beauty of leaf structure. I am fascinated by the variation and complexities of nature, particularly leaves. Their beauty becomes ever more apparent in the skeletonised leaf, when the supporting network of veins is revealed. The lace-like structure appears so fragile yet represents inner strength.


My aim is to trace this delicate network of veins and make a detailed and permanent record within my pieces. To this end I immerse some of the leaves in an alkaline solution until only the skeleton remains. Porcelain, the finest of clays, supported by delicate fibres of flax together with metallic oxides and transparent glazes are used to allow the finest details of the leaf skeleton to be traced.

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The Adam Pottery

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About Andrea

Andrea completed a degree in Contemporary Ceramic Practice in June 2014 and moved to the Adam Pottery in October.

The Adam Pottery January 2022