The Adam Pottery

Anna Brown

I create wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics for the home, using simple designs and subtle colours to examine the interplay between form, function and beauty.  I am inspired by the world at large as much as the process of making.

I am interested in the spontaneity of design that comes when throwing on the potter’s wheel. Throwing a pot can be controlled to a degree, but the glazing and firing process makes it impossible to create two completely identical objects.  It is this unpredictability of the materials that captures my attention as a potter.

My ceramics are made from stoneware, and decorated with hand carved stamps, which I make myself in response to my environment.  The glaze details are brushed on and the pots are dip glazed to create their base colour.  My pots are fine to use indoors and out, and are hardy enough to survive a spin in the dishwasher, or a blast in the oven.

I am continually experimenting with new glaze combinations and product designs and am happy to work to commission.

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About Anna

I studied fine art at Exeter College of Art and, specialising in sculpture, my interests have always focused on the power and meaning of objects.  After a change in direction I began training under Ek Bowley and Eunice Calvert at a small studio pottery in Exeter, and  recently returned to Scotland to continue my own ceramics practice. 


The Adam Pottery January 2022