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Geoff Calder

 My current work explores

My current work explores issues of landscape and water poverty. The rich blues of plenty are juxtaposed with the scorched clay that represents the dry heat of the land. Green-blue hues depict corrosion and stains of leakage from copper pipes and waste from world water supplies.

Expressing my experiences in this way and exploring a mix of East African and British works is both exciting and rewarding.

I spent 10 years living and working in Africa, mainly in Tanzania. Throughout this time the primitive form of East African carvings and the related culture heavily influenced my appreciation of art. My work with large vessels of simple form is based on their traditional techniques and styles, finished with contemporary glazes that reflect my experience of inequity in the developing world. 

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About Geoff


I came to ceramics relatively late having studied Fine Art at Northumbria and Sunderland Universities in the 1990s where my main interest was working large metal portraits and sculptures. In recent years, I have simply fallen in love with ceramics. In 2013, I completed a degree in Contemporary Ceramic Practice in Newcastle and now combine studio pottery with fine art.

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