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Janet Adam

My wheel-thrown stoneware and porcelain work covers a wide range of form and concepts, for both indoors and out.  While remaining functional, most pieces are now seen as individual items, thus allowing scope for exploring and expanding.

I enjoy the contrast of working on both a large and small scale, letting the differing clays and forms dictate the application of decoration and glazes. Robust planters are often left with only the rims and elaborate handles glazed; bowls, deep or shallow, allow the colours to run and mingle together while delicate porcelain is best with minimal decoration over a suble base-glaze.

I have by now gained an expectation of the outcome, but the final effects lie with the unpredictability of reduction-firing, and kiln-opening remains a never-ending excitement.

Based on traditional recipes, but adapted for my own use, the high-fired glazes combine with added oxides -   iron, copper, cobalt, chrome, manganese and tin - to give a vivid range of colours.

The images shown are representative of my work and are not necessarily currently available.

However a small range of repeat domestic ware continues to be glazed in the same three glaze-combinations, allowing for replacements, even after many years!
I am happy to work to commission, but within the range of my own glazes.
Throwing demonstations can be arranged for group visits of up to 20 people, for a reasonable fee. 

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The Adam Pottery

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About Janet

One way or another I have been making pottery in Edinburgh since the early 1970's. I trained informally, combined with a part-time course at Edinburgh College of Art. Moving to Henderson Row gave me the opportunity to rent workspace to other potters - a very satisfactory and practical way of working. My main influences come from Oriental glazes and from my work remaining essentially functional, but most of my inspiraton comes from actually making, and thus evolving. I'm now enjoying taking more time to produce fewer pots - and having more days off!

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